Full Construction Management

We can administer projects of any size on behalf of our Client. This can be using any type of procurement route, such as acting as the Main Contractor or as a Contract Administrator. We have successfully managed projects with a contract value of up to £25million. Many people prefer this type of management system for the following reasons:-
Complete Cost Transparency – The Client sees all costs related to the project including the management fee, supplier invoices and labour charges. There is no Main Contractor’s mark up when it comes to sub-contractors.
Contract Management – Each trade is provided with a clear works specification which forms part of the contract with the relevant trade contractor, ensuring that a high quality finish is achieved.
Competitive Prices – Not only through many years’ buying experience, but also because of negotiating bulk orders with our suppliers, materials bought for your project will be subject to a trade discount that is passed onto the Client.
Cost and Project Reporting – Each project undertaken will have its own Cost Plan. This reports all costs incurred on the project, allowing costs to be continually reviewed and reported. This is available to the Client throughout the life of the project to enable decision making to be made with confidence as the project develops.

Shell Only Project Management

This solution is suitable for those who would like to manage the internal fit out of their property themselves. Green Home Ltd will bring your home or property up to the point of first or second fix and then hand it over to the Client. Up until that point, the Project is handled in a similar way to the ‘Full Construction Management’ process above.

Dental Construction Management

We use the Construction Management method to administer the fitting out of dental surgeries. Since dental practices are rarely registered for VAT, this method of construction procurement can offer savings. This is because many of the smaller trade contractors are not VAT registered and can invoice the Client direct without added VAT, all under the administration of Green Home Ltd. We take responsibility for design, specification, tendering, cost management, administration of the works, liaison with specialist dental suppliers, etc. We have many years experience in this specialist field and are able to offer cost effective solutions to dental and orthodontic practices.

Distressed Management

Another service we are able to offer is the management of projects that require troubleshooting, such as those that are under-performing, perhaps where the contractor has gone into liquidation or administration. In difficult economic climates, construction projects can suffer pressure from varying sources including the failure of the Main Contractor or key Sub-Contractors. The effects of these pressures can cause projects to stall and therefore require assistance in aiding the project to completion.
Distressed projects require a unique approach to their management. The key is to get experts on the ground quickly to assess the current situation and then make changes to enable the project to move forward and avoid further delay ands costs. This quick decision making maximises the opportunity to turn the project around, complete the development and minimise the loss. Decisive action is what most effectively reduces financial strain on the funder and those others involved in the development.
We have established monitoring strategies and use these to implement risk management protocols to enable a timely turn-around of the project to avoid bankruptcy. 
These include:
1. Secure the site.
2. Value the works and materials to date.
3. Negotiate with sub-contractors for account settlement and possible continuation of the works.
4. Aid in re-tendering and sub-contractor replacement.
5. Manage the project to it’s completion, working closely with the Client and other interested parties to minimise programme delay and budget loss.

Property Management

We are able to act as managing agents to freeholders of residential and commercial multi-occupation properties. 
This includes:-
1. Routine maintenance and servicing of plant and equipment.
2. Internal and external cleaning.
3. Routine Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM).
4. Electrical and gas system maintenance and certification.
5. Administration of other service providers such as security companies, parking management, lift maintenance, etc.